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Vanessa Osborne Art

Inspiration in Bloom

Art has been a part of my life – always… it has been a constant for me – it is something I have to do. Even when drawn into the corporate world, I always come back to my first loves - painting and drawing all things floral.


Being raised in a creative household I could not help but be caught up and inspired; both appreciating the art of others and creating my own.


My earliest memories are linked to flowers and gardens; my grandparent’s private garden influenced and cultivated this burgeoning love of nature, in particular the exquisite and gloriously voluptuous roses that took pride of place. Roses are my joy and inspiration; I simply love them – their physical beauty, their scent, and their strength.


My large scale floral paintings showcase the exploration of changing colour palettes, the fall of light, and the turn of form that all impact the depths and tones of my subject.


When I am not in my studio painting, I take every possible opportunity to gather more inspiration from places like botanical gardens, plant nurseries, and obliging neighbourhood gardens – anywhere there are flowers and plants!


Art and nature are renowned for stirring emotions. To me, to succeed is to bring joy and heart lifting reminiscence to the beholder.

Don't forget to stop and smell the roses...

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