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She's an ideas girl...

A wise man once said, “She’s an ideas girl”. He was talking about me. That’s not what makes him wise, in fact that would make that statement quite questionable 😂 But he is definitely someone who earnt my respect – so what a compliment! 

Lately I have been thinking about what he said. It was probably close to 20 years ago now, but it must have resonated since it keeps coming back to me. 

I have never thought of myself as being someone with a lot of drive or who likes to set goals. I have had to reevaluate this because in the last few years I have really upped the ante and have determinedly chased my dream of being an artist, even though I HAVE been an artist for many years. It is in my DNA, there is no denying that! You may have already read About Me where I have said that art is ‘something I have to do’. It’s true. When I am not creating, particularly painting, I feel flat, empty, even depressed. Something is missing. 

Sacred Lotus flower painting by Vanessa Osborne
'Sacred Lotus' 76cm x 101cm - NEW TO SHOP

A spark of creativity 

When I am happy and painting, I am inspired, and this has created fertile grounds for sparking ideas! I have always used art diaries to write down and sketch ideas for future projects. This was cemented further when attending a wonderful workshop where we were encouraged to keep note of our colours, do colour mixing and make notes about our projects. I knew I was with my people in that moment!


So, along with my art diary of Works in Progress, I have more sketch books with Ideas and Inspirations; notebooks where I have created mind maps of my art business ideas to keep me on track with my goals (yes, goals!), ticking them off when something has been achieved, and adding on when another spark of an idea strikes.

Photos of the sketch books used by Vanessa Osborne. Experimenting with colours and ideas.
Sketch Book Ideas & Experiments


Another wise person, my amazing art mentor, Jacqueline Coates, can regularly be heard saying ‘energy creates more energy’. I couldn’t agree more. As someone (like many, many others) who struggles with ever-present fatigue and chronic pain, I have found that nothing helps like spending time doing what I love. If I can make a start, I can usually power through and I feel myself feeling better for it. When I am feeling okay, despite the hurdles, I have energy to share – whether it is welcome or not!


When my friends talk about their personal creative ventures, I am truly excited for them. I want to help them to reach their goals. That might mean showing them enthusiasm for what they are doing or helping them to troubleshoot something they are stuck on, or just being supportive.


Today I am feeling excited and extremely grateful for the gifts I have received and would like to remind you again that energy creates more energy and inspiration creates more inspiration. Be your own Ideas Girl (or boy or other!) and don’t forget to write them down! As another wise person said, what gets written down, gets done! 😊 



Summer hydrangeas paintings by Vanessa Osborne Art
Summer Hydrangeas

Welcome to my online gallery 

My name is Vanessa Osborne, and I am an artist from Adelaide, South Australia, specialising in large scale floral paintings. The products of my inspiration can be viewed in my online Gallery.  


Visit my website at  


You can see more content on my social media sites for Vanessa Osborne Art 


If you have any questions about my paintings, please don't hesitate to email me at 

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