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Stuck in a Rut!

Stuck in a rut... Where did that term even come from???

(Well actually, according to a search “stuck in a rut” possibly came from the 1800s when wagon wheels would become stuck in a groove (or ‘pothole’ as they are commonly referred to in Australia) in the road. Makes sense.)

But for sure, in a rut I have been stuck!

What is one to do when this happens?

I tell myself to just keep going. An artist is meant to paint, right? Well, not today, and not yesterday. Maybe not even tomorrow…

As my mentor recently pointed out, I have been busy working on my art - just in different ways.

December is a busy month in and of itself, so instead of painting up a storm, I have been doing other arty things such as photography, i.e. collecting masses of future painting references. December is a month of blooming roses, hydrangeas, and dahlias in my neck of the woods, [amongst many other beauties]. So, I have been spending time with my beautiful muses; how is it that a simple rose can just fill my heart with such joy?

Summer flowers photographed by Vanessa Osborne Art
Beautiful early summer blooms

October, November, and early December was also awash with gorgeous peonies, [of which I treated myself to a few bunches from the local florist!] and commenced filling up my cloud space with hundreds of photos capturing their beauty and their stunning metamorphosis.

Peonies photographed by Vanessa Osborne Art
Peony season

I have also been working on my website; updating the Shop and finally releasing a few paintings into the world. Leading up to this there has been signing and varnishing, wiring, and hanging paintings.

Deep pink rose painting (Roman de la Rose) by Vanessa Osborne Art
Roman de la Rose - 76cm x 101cm - New Release

Maybe this rut I am stuck in isn’t so bad. It has meant I’ve been ticking other things off the to-do list- things that are often cast aside in favour of painting.

Isn’t it funny how life just helps you get things done!

As mentioned, my website Shop now has a number of original paintings available. Watch this space- as there will be more coming soon just looking for their forever home!

Pink hydrangeas painting (Dawn's First Light) by Vanessa Osborne Art
Dawn's First Light 75cm x 100cm - New Release

If you have any questions about my paintings, please don’t hesitate to email me at - or... visit my shop, because - it is now open 😊

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