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A Room of One's Own

When I was a teenager, and even now, I had visions of what my future art studio would be.

I picture living in a house in the countryside, maybe the Barossa Valley; my studio is a large room with natural light from just the right directions - preferably from two sides. There are French windows and doors looking out over the gentle rolling hills.

Inside I have multiple easels. They have wheels so I can move them around easily, and crank handles to wind them up and down. There is a shelf packed with beautiful art books. All my artists supplies are accessible whenever I need them, in perfect storage shelves and caddies. There is a gorgeous vintage Persian rug covering the floorboards. It has an effortless shabby chic feel and is super functional. I could go on and on.

A view of my art studio with iris paintings, paint brushes and tubes of paint

A view from my studio - Iris paintings and tools of trade

(Photo: Vanessa Osborne, 2023)

My art space

Now back to reality! So, I live in the suburbs, not the country, I work a “real” job that reliably provides an income, our family home is modern. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining by any means because in these times that many people are struggling through, I know I am extremely fortunate. However, my beloved creative space is nowhere near to what I described above!

A practical space slowly but surely being made more beautiful!

From another perspective - a very practical workspace, frequently changing from home office to home studio. Since this photo was taken there has been much rearranging both inside and outside - to add some prettiness to view from the window!

I am lucky to have a spare room, that would have been a bedroom. It contains a home office set up, allowing me to work from home when needed and to work on the business side of my part time artist’s life. I have crammed in my dear mother’s sewing cabinets, my bookshelf is overflowing with paperwork and art supplies, which is hidden behind my working easel. On the other the side of the room I have two more easels currently holding a large partly done painting, covered by a sheet, with a number of other canvases double ‘shelved’ in front. On the floor there are more partly done paintings and blank canvases patiently awaiting their turn on the easel. The built in robe is also snuggly packed with more art supplies and memories (because I am a sentimental little soul who keeps anything with a memory attached to it…).

So grateful!!!

Again, I consider myself extremely privileged for all that I have. Through my artist community I see people claiming the end of a dining room table as their painting space. I’ve done that too and it is not easy or practical!!!

Remembering my dining table studio

My dining table studio complete with works in progress - a time when my studio space because a nursery space!

(Photo: Vanessa Osborne, 2023)

Art is good for the soul

I guess the point of all of this is that I am extremely grateful to be able to do something that is so important to me. It is good for my wellbeing and helps me to decompress from the daily pressures. It is a place I can escape to even if it is just once a week or a precious few minutes, or if I’m lucky, an hour or two after a long day at work. I may not have my dream studio (yet!), but I’m still living a dream.

A delicious palette of rich pinks and reds

A yummy palette of colour

No time like the present!

If you are like me and have a passion for creating art or some other hobby or pursuit, just do it! Don’t wait for the perfect time, to have the perfect space, or even to buy the best products. Just make a start and keep making small steps every day because your time here is precious ❤️

Work in progress (almost completed) pink rose along with a vase of gorgeous peonies I treated myself to

Work in progress shot of a big pink rose

Titled Roman de la Rose (The Romance of the Rose)

I hope you have enjoyed sharing my vision and seeing some sneak peaks into my creative space. My name is Vanessa Osborne and I am a South Australian artist. I create colourful paintings of oversized blooms and large scale florals. I would love you to visit my website gallery to see more of what inspires me!

Visit my website at

If you have any questions about my paintings, please don't hesitate to email me at

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Rebekah  Pedersen
Rebekah Pedersen
09 de nov. de 2023

This is very inspirational. Thank you!

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